Anastasia Katsouli


At the core of my psychotherapeutic practice I always place empathy, understanding, respect, acceptance and my genuine interest and personal investment for my clients.


In psychotherapy, the personal needs and idiosyncrasies of each person are my number one priority. This is why I practice Integrative Psychotherapy which allows me to use various techniques from different psychotherapeutic approaches depending on the specific needs of each person at different times of his/her.

According to Integrative Psychotherapy, it is essential for the therapist to create a new, specifically tailored psychotherapeutic model for each person which will be the most effective in conceptualizing and addressing the developmental mechanisms of a person’s behaviors, thoughts and emotions and will ultimately lead to a successful therapeutic intervention as it will transcend the preexisting psychotherapeutic models.


In this context, I develop a tailored made psychotherapeutic model for each person which addresses his/ her requests and needs whilst combining theoretical models and therapeutic techniques from the major psychotherapeutic approaches (Person Centered therapy, Systemic therapy, Existential therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Psychodynamic therapy). Irrespective of the therapeutic techniques employed, at the core of my psychotherapeutic practice I always place empathy, understanding, respect, acceptance and my genuine interest and personal investment for my clients.

The goal of psychotherapy is symptom remission, when symptoms are present, and personal development and advancement leading to happiness, as happiness is defined by each person. This may entail learning new, healthier behaviors and ways of reacting to situations, a change in one’s mindset or way of perceiving situations, learning new healthier ways to connect, interact and relate to others, a better understanding of one’s self, healing of wounds and past trauma, and an understanding of one’s personal strengths and freedom.

Therapeutic sessions have a 50 to 60 minutes duration once a week. In case of an emergency however, there is always the option of having an urgent session sooner than was scheduled.

Brief Bio

Anastasia Katsouli is Greek American, born and raised in Athens, Greece. She graduated from Deree College and the Open University with scholarship, earning a BA in Psychology with first class Honors. She continued her graduate studies in Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy at Deree College with scholarship and graduated with distinction earning a Master of Science.

She completed her training through internships at the 1st Public Clinic of Athens and at the Counseling Center of Deree College. She is a member of the American Psychological Association as well as of the Greek Association of Psychologists. She has published studies in International and Greek psychology conferences and has given lectures and seminars to international boards and communities. She continues her education on psychotherapy and counseling through specialized training courses and seminars aiming to constantly be up to date with new findings, techniques and models of psychotherapy. She currently maintains her private practice at Agia Paraskevi and volunteers at help lines for psychological support.



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